Sunday, 28 March 2010

Green Crochet Cardigan

I couldn't wait any longer - I started the Elvira cardigan last week. I'm using the surprisingly cheap (but startlingly good quality) Cygnet Wool Rich 4-ply in Holly green. Inside Crochet magazine reccommended using a shade such as black or brown to coordinate with any outfit, but I wear so much green that 'Holly' is a good bet!
As per usual, I've made some changes to the pattern:
  • The embossed border at the bottom and cuffs has been replaced by the main stitch (I didn't like the look of thicker fabric around the hips and wrists). I might add a simple dc border like the one around the neck.
  • The main lace pattern has been altered to give only one rib for each repeat (1tr, 1 embossed tr, 1tr instead of 1 emb tr, 1tr 1 emb tr), as I think that the slightly flatter fabric makes the overall garment more flattering:

     I'll hopefully post a few pictures when the scraps of crochet are a bit further down the road to becoming a lovely cardie :)

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